Everybody’s talking about Ponza

From the New York Times to the Daily News, Travel Journalists have been singing Ponza’s praise for years, yet it remains one of Italy’s best kept secrets. Here’s what they had to say:


When I set out in search of an untrampled, underappreciated Italian isle, the sort of place that might stand in for the film location of “Il Postino,” the sort of place that could provide counterpoint to the heavy traffic and big money of Capri…–this is where Italians sent me. And sure enough, Ponza is intriguing, unself-conscious and virtually unknown to foreigners…[read more]


Christopher Reynolds, Los Angeles Times



Outside the window a scene of dreamlike perfection unfolded – the twinkling lights of the harbour were framed by a large, full moon that sent a golden path of light dancing across the sea. …It is moments such as these that make Ponza so special. Its devotees, however well heeled, come for the laid-back atmosphere, a lack of pretension and the raw, natural beauty… [read more]


Aoife O’Riordain, The Independent



Italy is surrounded by spectacular island destinations – Sicily, Stromboli, Sardinia, Capri, Ischia – but few foreigners stumble upon this unspoilt gem. For centuries, Ponza has been the secret hideaway resort of the lucky citizens of Rome…[read more]


John Brunton, The Guardian



[Ponza] retains the beauty of its origins as a simple fishing village — a destination popular with people from the mainland, but still unspoiled for visitors from afar…[read more]


Katie Parla, New York Times